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Synco Lav-S8 Lavalier Microphone, Broadcast-Quality With Inbuilt Auto-Identification

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【Auto-Pairing Technology】Featuring with auto-identification, SYNCO Lav-S8 lavalier microphone automatically recognizes and gets itself adapted to devices with 3.5mm TRRS & 3.5mm TRS input. No need of 3.5m adapter or manual mode switching!

【Upgraded Noise Processing】SYNCO Lav-S8 is built into upgraded noise processing circuit, attenuating low-frequency(<70Hz) ambient noise. It makes the subject recorded stand out and delivers intact and clear sound by suppressing undesired noises.

【360° Sound Pickup, Long Distance Recording】As an ominidirectional microphone, SYNCO S8 could capture sound equally with more details in every direction. 26.2ft(8m)-long anti-interference cable ensures a long-distance flexible recording, ideal for interview recording, speech, Youtube broadcasting, online teaching and more.

【Clear Working Condition】An indicator light is thoughtfully designed on SYNCO S8 lavalier. When the green light is ON, it means normal connecting; OFF means abnormal connecting or low battery power. No need to stop during recording!

【Wind Muff Included & Easy Carrying】Specialized cotton wind muff is included for reducing the background noise. High quality plastic-made Lav-S8 is super lightweight. Coming with a carrying bag, it is convenient to take out for outdoor recording.

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    Recording microphone, and accessories.

Lav-S8 SYNCO Lav-S8 is a ribbon microphone allowing broadcast-quality sound pickup and wider-range movement, based on the inbuilt auto-identification system, upgraded noise reduction technology, and extra-long audio cable.

Product Description SYNCO ribbon microphone S8, an upgrade product to our S6, is easy to connect to capture broadcast-quality sound within a wider range of movement, thanks to the brand-new auto-identification system, the upgraded noise reduction technology, and the 26.2ft audio cable built in for the first time. It is applicable to the camera, audio recorder, iPhone/Android smartphone, and tablet, and is used in multi-scenarios like interview recording, speechmaking, live webcasting, and teaching.

Automatic Identification System Lav-S8 wired lapel mic avoids the inconvenience to switch the toggle between camera and phone output modes. It automatically recognizes the device connected and runs the right circuit to get itself adapted to varied devices.

Upgraded Noise Processing The upgraded noise processing circuit built into wired lav S8 attenuates low-frequency (<70Hz) ambient noises and causes ultra-low noises to the mic itself as well. All this facilitates the high restoration of the human voice. Extra-long Audio Cable The 26.2ft (8m) cable is long enough for the wired lavalier to practice most of the creative speaking and recording techniques, like standing at an optimal distance in front of the camera and sit down interviews in a natural setting.

Working Condition Indicator A light is installed in wired lavalier mic S8 to indicate working conditions. It provides convenience for users to directly check the microphone’s working/power status. Lined Plastic Construction Lavalier condenser microphone S8 has a plastic tube that reduces the weight and provides convenience for carrying. Its smooth texture and a strong sense of line are big pluses when held in hand. 360° Pickup Pattern Shirt mic S8 features an omnidirectional pickup pattern that captures the sound equally well in every direction even when the user remains speaking into one side.

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