Godox AD-S2 Standard Reflector (Black)

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  • While using the Godox AD200 Pocket Flash with the Godox AD-S2 Standard Reflector
  • Compatible with Godox Witstro AD200 Pocket Flash Speedlight
  • You can achieve better light effects
  • Shooting experience
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Godox AD-S2
  • Godox

Develops a full series of light shaping accessories for WITSTRO flashes. With any of them, an AD180 or AD360 will give full play to its powerful strength and good light quality. Accessories are designed in small size, light weight, and easy carrying, aiming to give a portable and creative lighting solution. All light shaping accessories fit flashes from Quantum, Lemoyne, and Sunspace .Specially designed for AD200 AD180 AD360 AD360II Flashes. While using the AD200 Pocket Flash with the AD-S2 Standard Reflector, you can achieve better light effects and shooting experience.

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