Kaiterra(open Box) Laser Egg Monitor Air Quality

Kaiterra(open Box) Laser Egg Monitor Air Quality

Kaiterra Laser Egg+ Chemical Air Quality Monitor

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Air Quality Monitor For Good Experience .

  • Air Quality Monitor with smart Feature that uses laser-based light scattering technology
  • Gives readings for PM2.5, TVOC, Temperature and Humidity, AQI index, Weather Forecast
  • Sold in 14 countries including, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Poland, Indonesia, USA & China
  • Kaiterra App for Apple and Android platforms. Know the Air Quality from anywhere! Compatible with Apple HomeKit
  • Accuracy (±10%) in Indian conditions
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  • Kaiterra
    Know more about your air.

Air Quality Monitor For Good Experience .

Track smog and harmful chemicals in one go.

The Laser Egg+ Chemical gives you accurate and complete data to truly take control of the air in your home.

Chemical offgassing can hide in your home for over five years.

Items such as paint, furniture, carpets and even air fresheners can emit chemical VOCs, and have a tremendous impact on your health.
PM2.5 Fine dust and smog
VOCs Harmful Chemicals
Temperature & Humidity
Weather Forecast
2.4GHz Wi-Fi Connection

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