Osaka 58mm UV Filter for Canon EOS DSLR Camera

Osaka 58mm UV Filter for Canon EOS DSLR Camera

Osaka 72mm ND4 Neutral Density Filter

Osaka 72mm ND4 Neutral Density Filter

Osaka 43 Mm Multi Coated UV Filter ( 4 Layer Coated ) UV Filter

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* Compatible with all lenses having 43 mm filter thread
* Multi Coated UV Filter, best quality optical glass, high transmittance and low reflecitivity
* Prevents loss of sharpness and contrast by filtering out UV rays
* Helps eliminate bluish cast & haze in images
* Protects your camera's lens from scratches, dust, dirt, moisture and fingerprints

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Osaka MC UV 43mm


Mc filters eliminate the flare and ghosting,protects image from uv rays. It also protects your camera lens from dust and scratch. compatible with all lenses  These filters are double threaded allowing you to join additional filters of same size to be mounted one over the other.  Perfect for UV Protection
All photography experts need this one accessory that they cannot do without. It is a UV filter for 58 mm front thread lenses by Osaka. Since photo films are more sensitive to UV rays, even more than our eyes, therefore this filter protect the film from causing any aberrations in your photographs. When you see bluish cast or haze in your photographs, it is the UV interruption. Mostly it happens, while you are photographing on high altitude or over water that causes these aberrations. Now that you know the reasons for such pictures, you can use the Osaka UV filter to capture great pictures anywhere and anytime. 

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