VSGO Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Lens Camera Screen Glasses Cleaner

VSGO Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Lens Camera Screen Glasses Cleaner

VSGO Lens Cleaning Pen - for Camera Lenses and Filters

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* Suitable for Cleaning Lenses, Filters & Binoculars

* High Grade Soft Nylon Brush

* Carbon Tip with Nanoscale Active Carbon Powder

* Removes Stubborn Stains, Finger Prints and Smudge Marks

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VSGO Lens Cleaning Pen

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The VSGO Professional Lens Cleaning Pen is designed to make quick work of lens cleaning, as well as helping you to keep the rest of your kit dust-free and in pristine condition.
High Grade Nylon Brush
Using the high grade soft nylon brush you can easily sweep away dirt and grit from your lenses front element or the surface of your filter. This helps to remove bigger chunks of dirt and prepare the lens for a smudge-removal treatment.
Active Carbon Smudge Removal
The other end of the brush features a soft anti-static circular tip that is charged with an active carbon powder designed to absorb oil smears, fingerprints as well as smudge marks. The Nanoscale active carbon doesn’t just pick up oil it also ensures that your lenses coating is protected so that your lenses optical performance is maximised.
Convenient and Portable
The best part of the VSGO Pro Lenspen is its small size and lightweight construction that make it easy to throw in your bag or even in your pocket before heading out to shoot.

The Lens Cleaning Pen is an essential photography gadget that would be a neat addition to your camera kit, enjoy sharper images and smudge free results with this super useful tool.


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